Resources and Documents

Annual renewal forms for current participants:

Annual renewal form for pest management services and service providers (doc)

Annual renewal form for facilities (doc)

Annual renewal form for pest management programs (doc)

Certification requirements and pricing:

Green Shield Certified Certification Requirements and Pricing (pdf)

Promotional brochure:

Green Shield Certified Brochure (pdf)

Information for professionals interested in working for Green Shield Certified as an evaluator:

Green Shield Certified Evaluator Hiring Criteria (pdf)

The Evaluator's Guide to Conducting a Green Shield Certified Evaluation (pdf)


Reducing Asthma Triggers Using IPM Techniques - Webinar (wmv) and slides (pdf)

Advanced IPM Techniques for Green Pest Management - Webinar (wmv) and slides (pdf)

Marketing Your Green Service Effectively: Converting Prospects to Clients - Webinar (wmv) and slides (pdf)

Pest prevention design guides :

Pest Prevention by Design: Authoritative Guidelines for Designing Pests Out of Structures (pdf)

Pest factsheets:

Cornell University New York State IPM Program illustrated pest factsheets

Ohio State University Extension pest factsheets

Penn State Extension pest factsheets

Rutgers University Extension pest factsheets

Texas A&M Extension pest factsheets

University of California-Davis pest factsheets

The Midwest Pesticide Action Center's Resource & Factsheet Center

Links to other organizations' less-toxic product guidelines:

The National Pesticide Information Center (Oregon State University/US EPA)

The Bio-Integral Resource Center - The IPM Practitioner’s 2015 Directory of Least-Toxic Pest Control Products

Texas A&M Agrilife Extension - Understanding the pesticide classification system for Texas public schools