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July 2008 "Proper site assessment is both a science and an art. It’s also an enormous opportunity to earn revenue." Read Site Assessment: An Essential Element of Green (pdf)


May 2008 "What do you and your staff need to know to correctly deliver green?" Read The Keys to the Emerald City (pdf)


April 8, 2008 "What's the difference between conventional pest management, integrated pest management (IPM) and green pest management (GPM) strategies?" Read On the Record: Green Pest Management - It's a Mindset and More (pdf)


April 1, 2008 "What do upselling and ad-on services have to do with green pest management?" Read Green on Green: Upsell Opportunities Grow With Green Programs (pdf)


January 1, 2008 "...go green by offering strucutral construction/design reviews, door sweep installation, clutter removal, exclusion products and services, repairs, gutter cleaning and tree/shrub trimming. That's what effective pest management is all about." Read Green on Green: Going Green is a Journey, Not a Destination (pdf)























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Green Shield Certified Brochure (pdf)

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Green Shield Certified for Pest Management Providers (pdf)

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Green IPM Tour of a New School (pdf)

The New Green Marketplace (pdf)

Greening of Structural Pest Management (pdf)



Green Shield Certified for Facilities (pdf)


Landscape Pest Management

Creating Your Green Landscaping Program (pdf)

Our Place in the Green Landscaping Marketplace (pdf)


Greening Your Company

Pest West's Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Program (pdf)

Earth911 - Green Recycling Center Search Engine


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Green Shield Certified Evaluator Criteria (pdf)

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Green Shield Certified Guidelines: Scope and Duration of Certification and Evaluation Frequency (pdf)

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