Green Shield Certify Your Building Or Facility

Green Shield Certification is now available for buildings and facilities where our pest control performance standards are attained. Certification is available for single buildings, campuses or multiple facilities. Facility managers can fast-track compliance with the structural component of our standards by contracting with a certified provider (Green Shield Certification will be available for landscape professionals in the future).

Green Shield Certification standards:

Green Shield's pest management approach is an important element of green building.
IPM is a widely recognized strategy for effectively managing pests, while reducing pesticide use. IPM is an element of Green Building certification programs operated by the U.S. Green Building Council and is widely promoted by U.S. EPA, USDA and a multitude of government agencies and universities. Green Shield Certification recognizes buildings and facilities where advanced IPM methods are practiced.

Our certification process is convenient, efficient and affordable.
Certification requires completion of an on-site evaluation by a Green Shield Certified evaluator. We can schedule the evaluation at your facility at a time that works for you. Your evaluation is completely confidential. Applicants may take as much time as they need to address any outstanding issues identified during the evaluation. Certification fees are set on a sliding scale depending on the size of the business certified.

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